Pre-Qualifying Application

The following information is required to match your borrowing criteria to our database of lenders and their guidelines
to give you a general analysis of your position as a borrower. You are not required to provide financial documentation
to become pre-qualified.

The results of the pre-qualification are based entirely on information you provide. A prequalification analysis
is not an application for credit.

Personal Information

1.  First Name:                    Last Name: 

2.  E-Mail Address:     

3.  Home Phone:                  Work Phone:    

4.  Best Time to Be Contacted:      

5.  Prefer to Be Contacted By:          

6.  Current Street Address:            

7.  City:        State:        Zip:  

Property Information

Same as Current Address:  

8.  Property Street Address:            

9.  City:        State:        Zip:  

10.  Estimated Value of Property:        $    

11.  Purpose of property:            

12.  Type of property:         

Loan, Income, and Expense Information

13. Loan amount:        $

14. Type of loan:           

15. Use this loan:           

16. How much cash do you have available for down payment and closing costs?    $      

17. Downpayment:    % of purchase price     

18.  How many points are you willing to pay?           

19.  Will you consider loans with a penalty for prepayment?             

20.  Are you willing to document your income?        

21.  Credit Rating:             

22. Please enter your gross monthly income from all sources:       $      

23. Please enter your total monthly debts and expenses: 

               $    Monthly Housing Expense 

               $    Car Payments

               $    Student Loan Payments

               $    Other Loan Payments

               $    Monthly Credit Card Payments