1. Selecting a Loan Program

The first step in getting a loan is deciding what kind of program is best for you. Our Loan Finder will easily help you choose from the hundreds of programs we offer. Loan Finder takes into account the most important factors in choosing the right loan.


3. Applying for Your Loan

Applying for a loan has never been so easy.   Whether you have already signed a contract to purchase a home or if you would like to have a pre approved loan before you submit offers, we can help. You can use our online loan application at our Web Site, or

  • We can fax or mail you our simple loan package to fill out at your leisure, or
  • call us and we will mail you the loan package, fill it out, and mail back it back to us, or
  • simply call us to set up an appointment with a Loan Counselor.

How to apply on-line

  • Go to the online loan application - it's easy, fast and very interactive.
  • After you fill it out, be sure to look at the Analysis and the Summary to make sure the information is complete.

When you submit your application by phone, online, fax or mail you will have the option to either

  • lock-in the current interest rate and points for periods ranging from 30 days to 6 months or
  • you may elect to float the interest rate with the market and lock-in at later date.

If you elect to lock-in, the interest rate and points on your loan will be fixed for the period of the lock-in regardless of changes to interest rates in the market either up or down. If you elect to float, the interest rate on your loan will be determined by the rates available when you do choose to lock-in and could be either higher or lower than the rates available on the day you apply.  We recommend careful consideration and consultation with a Loan Counselor in making this decision.

When you apply for your mortgage we will ask you to pay an application fee of $355.00. You may make this payment with a major credit card or by check. When you close on your mortgage this fee will be credited toward the costs of the transaction.

That's it! You're done for now, we're on our way towards closing the settlement of your new mortgage, which can occur in as little as thirty days at the office of the settlement agent you choose.


4. Who'll Handle My Loan?

Once the Loan Counselor has taken your application it will be immediately registered in our system. Your loan application will then be assigned to a Case Manager who, along with the Loan Counselor, will maintain primary responsibility for seeing your loan to closing.


5. Processing Your Application

To "process" a loan is to make sure that all the proper documentation needed has been obtained and checked to ensure the conditions stated in the preliminary approval are met.

Immediately upon receipt of your file, the Case Manager will:

You should:

    1. carefully review these documents for accuracy,

    2. contact the Case Manager directly to answer any questions.

    3. Please sign and return these documents along with any additional documents requested to us as soon as practically possible.

Within the first week after you apply for a mortgage two other events should occur:

    1. An appraiser hired by us should have made an appointment with you or your Real Estate Agent to perform a physical inspection of the property.

    2. You should engage the services of a licensed title agent to perform the settlement and escrow process. If you have any difficulty with either of these two items please call your Case Manager or Loan Counselor for advice and assistance.

Once the appraisal, credit report, and executed disclosure and documentation package is received, your Case Manager will prepare your loan for submission for final approval.

The Underwriter will review and analyze the processed loan package and either

    a) approve,

    b) deny, or

    c) suspend your application for a loan. Our approval ratio exceeds 90% of applications that go to underwriting. In reaching a decision on your application the underwriter will take into consideration your income, credit, cash reserves and the property itself.

The Underwriting process usually takes less than two days to complete. Often times, buyers want to be approved before they find a property to buy (a very good idea!). If you are seeking pre-approval prior to purchasing, underwriting can occur before an appraisal is performed in which case your approval is subject only to a acceptable property appraisal once you have chosen the home. Pre-approval can usually be performed within two days of completed application.


6. Approving your Loan

When all the conditions are satisfied and submitted to the underwriter, your loan is fully approved and the lender is committed.


7. Funding Your Loan

The end of the road - funding your loan - is the satisfying conclusion to the process of getting a loan.  Loan funds are either wired to an escrow account or we send a cashier's check to the closing agent (in some states this may be a title company, in other an attorney or escrow agent). In a purchase you would also add your down payment and money for any fees you have to pay. The current owner's lender is paid in full, any fees charged by other parties are paid and whatever is left goes to the seller. In a refinance, your current lender is paid off and all the fees are paid out of the loan proceeds.  If the refinance is "No Cash Out" you probably won't get much, if any, money from the closing. In a "Cash Out" refinance, there is significant money (over $1,000) left over that is disbursed to you.

While at settlement you will read and sign numerous documents relative to the purchase or refinance of your property. Several of these documents will be familiar to you as they were provided to you in the initial package you received from the Case Manager. Your settlement agent will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding these documents and, as always, we are available to help as needed.

Most settlements run very smoothly and take an hour or less to complete.

Congratulations! You have now completed the process. We sincerely hope that we have been able to provide the best assistance and service to consummate the best possible financial arrangement for yourself and your family.

Thank you for choosing Loan$cape to assist you with your financing. We'll be here when you need us.